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        Lightning technology with a filter RJ45

        Date:2015-4-2 08:45

        First, the R & D background:
        In the network interface used widely today, due to global warming, thunderstorms increasing year by year, resulting in network interface device can easily be Jihuai. In the actual operation of the terminal, the annual high season thunderstorm around will have different degrees of lightning failure, malfunction due to lightning strikes are: black host, could not start; NIC breakdown can not access the network; when after being struck by lightning damage, repair higher cost.
        Second, the product advantages:
        1, Shen plate with ultra-thin design, the height of the board is only 8.5mm, saving customers more space;
        2 according to IEC 61000-4-5 surge protection standards, protection class up to the highest standards of the current communication interface (10 / 700us common mode 6KV, differential mode 2KV)
        3, in line with standard IEC 61000-4-2 Electrostatic: Contact 8KV, air 15KV ESD protection rating;
        4, low residual voltage, the more effective protection of the normal operation of the chip;
        5, uses low parasitic capacitance protection device, ensuring network parameters are not affected

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