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        Five Life

        Date:2015-5-27 17:24

        Five Life

        "Five Blessings" which refers Five?

        "Five," the term for the original "The Book," the "Hong."

        Ciju has now become a household name, almost the majority of people know that "Five Blessings" this idiom, but few people know "Five," referring to those five kinds of blessing. As for the Five Blessings of principle, people understand extremely rare.

        Dr. Chen in the end what is it?

        The first blessing is "longevity", the second blessing is "rich", the third blessing is "Corning", the fourth blessing is "good German" fifth blessing was "good death."

        Note: "The Book" on Five is described: one said life, second is rich, third Corning, good morals Yau Si Yue, Wu Yue test end life.

        Five together to constitute a happy life can not be a separate sweeter.


        "Filial Five Life" Since the commencement of training courses, get all the praise, you constantly sentiment Five family life, learning the traditional culture in order to make yourself have a good mind, appreciate the philosophy of life, so that their work and family more smoothly .
        Let us look forward to the fifth "Filial Five of life," the wonderful content, but also let us through continuous learning, find the joy of life, to find the true meaning of life, the pilot his life.

        Speaker Teacher: Mr. Wang Congzhong
        Time:2015年5月 23日9:15-11:45

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